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TCOE India New Project Management Strategy

TCOE India invites Research Proposals from interested Telecom Stakeholders. For all future projects, a competitive process to match the resources with available expertise and timeline of delivery shall be followed while awarding the project. The future project management will be undertaken in the following manner


a) TCOE CC to collate the research problems of interest from service providers, manufacturers, VAS providers, public sector entities and Government.
b) TCOE CC to circulate the bouquet of research problems (with timelines suggested by problem proposer) to all TCOEs seeking detailed research proposals.
c) Interested TCOEs to submit detailed research proposals with fund requirements, research outcomes, deliverables and expected timelines.
d) A Steering Committee headed by eminent academician/scientist with subject matter experts and co-opted members from problem proposers to be constituted every two years which shall evaluate the competitive research proposals received.
e) The Responsibilities of Steering Committee include:
(i) to evaluate proposals and identify TCOE for assigning research project
(ii) to approve fund requirements, research outcomes with deliverables and timelines
(iii) to indicate intermediate milestones with timelines for purposes of review
(iv) to constitute review Committee for each project
(v) to take a decision on continuance of project in case project fails to meet intermediate milestones
(vi) to expand and co-opt any other person in the committee as and when required.
f) The funding sources for research project to be undertaken will be from:
(i) Problem proposer
(ii) Sponsoring Industry of TCOE
(iii) Other funding agencies including Government/Industry/VC/Angel Investors etc.
g) TCOE CC to assist and network with funding agencies for project funding and if fund arrangements cannot be tied up, the research proposal to be dropped.
h) Problem proposer/sponsoring TSP to identify manufacturing partner along with TCOE at the time of submission of proposal, if product development is involved.
i) IPR Sharing Arrangement to be worked out between funding agency, problem proposer and TCOE. The Partners in IPR Sharing Arrangement will give preference for Commercialization to Researchers.
k) Centralized test beds in PPP mode are to be set up as common infrastructure for telecom sector to provide a live network test environment.
l) Sponsoring TSP/problem proposer to make network available for field testing of an engineered product.
m) C-DoT to make its facilities available for testing, if required.
n) Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for field/network testing to be worked out.
o) TCOE Bulletin to be published electronically by TCOE CC every 3-6 months.

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