• India m2m + iot Forum 2017" on 6-7 March.
    Telecom Centres of Excellence India (TCOE) joins India m2m + iot Forum as Co-organizer

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  • Stakeholders Workshop Meeting on TCOE India – IMT 2020 Evaluation proposed on 29th August 2017 in New Delhi

  • I-MADE Bootcamp proposed in October 2017

  • I-MADE National Higher Education Technology Conference proposed in September 2017.

  • Mentors’ Cafe - An inaugural TCOE (Telecom Centres of Excellence) initiative in partnership with GHV Accelerator to engage and start building a unique community on 21st December 2016.

    Lets’ dig deeper! Inviting innovative startups together to

    • #create unique solutions
    • #connect one-on-one with industry experts &
    • #collaborate with the other founders’ at

    Applications invited for Pitch Session too!

    Venue: TCOE India, C-Dot Campus, Mandi Road, Mehrauli, New Delhi.

    See you there!

  • 4th TCOE India Innovation Meet was held on 09th February 2016   from 10:00 AM to 13:00 PM at 13th Floor, Conference Room, Sanchar Bhawan, Ashoka Road, New Delhi 110001

    10:00-10:30 Registration & Networking Tea
    10:30-10:35 Welcome by Mr R K Pathak, DDG(IC), DoT & Director TCOE India 
    10:35-10:40 Keynote Address by Mr. N, Sivasailam AS(T), DoT
    10:40-10:45 Inauguration and launch for I-Made Program by Mr J S Deepak , Secretary, DoT
    10:45- 10:50 Address by Mr Vipin Tyagi, ED, C-DoT
    10:50-10:55 Address on Funding for IMADE initiative and support for Start-ups, VC, EVC
    10:55-11:00 Address by Mr. Pendl Claus, EU Commission 
    11:00-11:10 Presentation br Prof. Vinayak Naik, IITD on MOOC based gap capability enhancement for Apps developers
    11:10-11:20 Presentation by Mr. Ash Bhardvaj, Kryptos Mobile on App development platform 

    Vision and Mission of IMADE program, Mr. Peesh Chopra, VC, PVC

    11:30-11:40 Requirements of Apps for masses, Voice from Bharat, Mr. Osama Manzar, DEF
    11:40-11:50 NEGP mandate and I-Made collaboration by Mr. D. Nayak, NEGD, Deity

    DealMOnk, a DTU student mobile startup that focuses on student deals

    12:00-12:10 Presentation by Edtech Review, A start up

    Industry perspective, Mr. Rajesh Tuli, MD, Coral Telecom 

    12:15-13:00 Stakeholder consultative discussions among Deity, COAI, IAMAI, ICA, NASSCOM, DEF, C-DoT, EU India, SAP,and IMADE Pilot participating institutes professors

    13:00 Onwards

    Working  Lunch 


  • 3rd TCOE India Innovation Meet was held on 30 October 2015   from 12:30 AM to 4:05 PM at C-DOT campus  New Delhi 110001

    12:30-13:00 Registration & Networking Tea
    13:00-13:05 Welcome by Mr R K Pathak, DDG(IC), DoT and Director, TCOE India
    13:05-13:10 Keynote Address by Dr Ajay Kumar, Additional Secretary, DeitY
    13:10-13:15 Address by Mr N. Sivasailam, Additional Secretary, Telecom, DoT
    13:15-13:20 C-DOT Role in Fostering Innovation & IoT Framework, Mr Vipin Tyagi,Executive Director, C-DOT
    13:20-13:25 Role of DST in Fostering Big Data Initiatives, Mr. K Muralimohan,Department of Science and Technology
    Learnings from Silicon Valley Startup Eco-system model, Peesh Chopra, Managing Partner, PVC
    Experience share in running and driving the IITK Entrepreneurship Development Centre, Dr B V Phani, Dean-Resources and Alumni, IIT Kanpur
    13:35-14:00 Working Lunch
    14:00-16:00 M2M Framework by C-DoT, Arindam Bhattacharya, C-DoT
    Support  to “Innovation Garage” extension across India for Telecom products Innovations through the TCOE India Platform, Mr. Anand Rajagopalan, Lakshya Foundation
    IoT and M2M Roadmap by Cmde J Jena
    Presentations by Start Ups (5-10 minutes each)
    16:00-16:05 Vote of Thanks by Cdr Anurag Vibhuti
    16:05 Onwards
    One to one meeting of Vcs with Start Ups


  • 2nd TCOE India Innovation Meet was held on 18th September 2015   from 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM at 2nd Floor, Committee Room, Sanchar Bhawan, Ashoka Road, New Delhi 110001

    10:30-10:35 Welcome & Address on Innovation Ecosystem by Mr R K Pathak, DDG(IC), DoT & Director TCOE India
    10:35-10:40 Address by Mr. N, Sivasailam AS(T), DoT
    10:40-10:50 By TIFAC
    10:50-11:00 DoT and DeitY support  for TCOE Innovation meets by Mr B.M. Baveja, DeitY
    11:00- 11:10 Accelerator Systems and TCOEs by Mr Vikram Upadhyaya, GHV Accelerator
    11:10-11:20 Score Card Methodology to support Startups evaluation by Mr. Prajakt  Raut, Applyifi.com
    11:20-11:30 Emerging mobile technology ecosystem and  how entrepreneurship and innovation can be promoted at college campuses in India by Anirudh Suri, India Internet Fund
    11:30-11:40 Mr Sujith Jha, Partner and Director - Altman Vilandrie & Company, New York
    11:40-11:50 Network of Networks by Mr Bipin P Kumar, GAIA Smart Cities
    11:50-12:00 Telecom product Innovations By Mr Lakshmi Narayan Reddy, Lekha Wireless
    12:00-12:10 Data Analytics for analyzing Call drops by Mr Bhupesh Daheria, Aegies
    12:10-12:20 Real Time Pollution Monitoring & Analytics by  Amiya Kumar Samantaray, Phoenix Robotix Pvt. Ltd.
    12:20-12:30 Mr  Devang Rughani NKonnect
    12:30-12:40 Green Solutions using Bio waste by Mr Mateen Abdul, Grass Roots Energy
    12:40-12:50 Mr Mahajan, Tejas Networks
    12:50-13:00 Open House Discussions
    13:00- 13:05 Vote of Thanks and closing remarks by Mr Subrat Prusty, Dir(IC)
    13:05 onwards Working  Lunch 
  • Inaugural TCOE India Innovation Meet was held on 31st August 2015 at 10:30 AM  ,at BSNL Conference Hall,9th Floor,Bharat Sanchar Bhawan,Harish Chandra Mathur Lane,Janpath,New Delhi.


    10:30-11:00 Registration and Networking Tea
    11:00-11:05 Welcome Address by Shri R. K. Pathak, DDG(IC), DoT & Director TCOE India
    11:05-11:10 TCOE Innovation Framework by Shri V Uma Shankar, Joint Secretary, Telecom
    11:10-11:15 R&D funding Address by Dr Ajay Kumar, Additional Secretary, DeitY
    11:15-11:20 Keynote Address by Mrs. Aruna Sundararajan, Administrator, USOF & Additional Secretary, Telecom
    11:20-11:25 ICT Innovation Ecosystem Support through DoT by Shri N. K. Yadav, Member, Technology & Services
    11:25-11:30 Inauguration of Innovation Meet by Shri Rakesh Garg, Secretary, Telecom & DeitY
    11:30-11:40 ICT Solutions - TCOE India Value Proposition by Shri Saurabh Srivastava, Co-Founder, NASSCOM & VC
    11:40-11:47 SIDBI Venture Funds for Innovations, Shri D. Ghosh, SIDBI Venture Capital Limited
    11:47-11:54 Accelerator Program for TCOE Technologies, Shri Vikram Upadhyaya, GHV Accelerator
    11:54-12:00 TCOE Innovations and Incubations, Prof Abhay Karandikar, TCOE IIT Bombay
    12:00-12:06 Digital Mandi: From Lab Innovation to a Commercial Service – Dr Rajesh Hegde, TCOE IIT Kanpur
    12:06-12:12 Wireless Telecom Semiconductor Innovations – Shri Parag Naik, CEO, Sankhya Labs
    Communications Last Mile through Power Lines - Shri Bhoopesh Raghav, Director, Advanced Telecom 
    & Power Networks Pvt. Ltd.
    12:18-12:25 Mobile based Women and Child Development and Monitoring Innovation – Ms. Simi Bhatia, PM, Airtel
    12:25-12:31 E100-Location Based Platform – Shri R. Venkateswaran, Senior VP, Persistent Systems
    12:31-12:37 Smart Shehar – Shri Dipesh Mohile, COO
    12:37-12:42 Solar WiFi and other Solutions for Last Mile Shri R. R. Yadav, DGM, BSNL 
    Setting up and Managing a Successful Commercial Venture, While Promoting their Technology based
    Innovation by Shri Ravi Pani 
    12:48-13:00 Open House Discussions
    13:00-13:05 Vote of Thanks, Shri Subrat Prusty, Director (IC)
    13:05 onwards Networking Lunch


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