• Establish an Entrepreneurship Enablement Centre for incubation of start-ups in India in order to accelerate the pace of Startup India movement.
  • Understand the constraints the new start-ups face when they look for guidance and support from the government or semi-government bodies, and help resolve the issues or constraints for start-ups in the area of ICT ecosystem.
  • Set up mechanism at TEN Square’s Entrepreneurship Enablement Program in seeding, growing, and performing of the start-ups in the country.
  • Provide end-to-end mentoring to guide and assist the start-ups to succeed & contribute in the growth of the country.
  • Provide mentorship on funding and investment based debt financing, equity investment and grants, developing growth strategies, hiring of skilled talent, developing and outsourcing new technologies, product marketing and linking to the end user, and financing and taxation mechanisms on the maturity of the start-ups.
  • Provide access to experts on Intellectual Property Protection, Refrainment and Protection from infringement of the existing IPR’s, Assistance on filing patent to protect the intellectual property rights (IPR), and Assistance for compliance to the government requirements as laid down in the various policies of the Government of India under the aegis of Startup India movement which embraces and aligns Digital India initiative, Skill India initiative, and Make in India initiative.
  • Provide access to infrastructure for the start-ups by providing guidance on how start-ups can use incubators during their idea formation, innovation and growth.
  • Set up collaborative platform of the preeminent entities, i.e., the Telecom Centres of Excellence (TCOE) India, and Centre for Development of Telematics (C-DoT) with respect to TEN Square and relationship with other incubators from academia like Research Park in IIT Madras or SID and CENSE at IISc Bangalore.

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