1. CA Investment Technologies
  2. Kratikal Academy Pvt. Ltd.
  3. Kirat Communications (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.

Kratikal Academy Pvt. Ltd.

The Kratikal Academy Online Course will provide beginners with principles of data and technology that outline and describe cyber security. Learners will get the complete importance of cyber security and the vital position of cyber security experts. The interactive, self-guided plan will provide a vibrant learning practice where users can discover foundational cybersecurity principles, attacks, incidents, security architecture, risk management, and emerging IT and IS technologies. The main motive of this Training Platform is to provide a real-world training solution that put together real technical skills to aid your employee’s combat real threats. Kratikal Academy is a strong, experienced collection of experts with widespread specialization in security testing. This startup is brought together by an enthusiasm for excellence and creating awareness on Information Security.


Kirat Communications (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.

Kirat Communications (OPC) Private Limited is an initiative to bring the fast and real time connectivity to the unserved regions of India. It is an IIT Bombay offshoot which has strength in providing the affordable internet solutions for rural areas and help them in educating the use cases of Internet. Their vision is to bring Connectivity to each and every part of India. They are aligning their vision along with the Prime Minister's initiative of Digital India. Their main aim is to bring the Digital Gap between the Rural and Urban areas. Providing Internet is a prior requirement, educating them with the use of services like e-health, e-governance & e-education etc. is their post initiative.


CA Investment Technologies

CA Investment Technologies is a privately held company that is engaged in the creation of software products for small to medium sized Asset Managers with $10m to $100m of assets under management. The company is currently engaged in building Front Office Trading, Portfolio Management and Risk Management platforms and servicing IT Infrastructure requirements of Quantitative Asset managers.

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